...celebrating the human spirit...


The White Mole Village offers items that project an element of respect for the human spirit.

The White Mole Village tries to project honor and respect for all people. Honor for the human female, honor for the human male, and honor for all ages, and all races.

The White Mole Village is hosted by Pliny Whitemole. A spirit whose age is sort of in the middle between the new and the ancient. Pliny has many thoughts on topics related to the human condition which you may find interesting, and which you are allowed to comment on and add to. Pliny also keeps a keen eye out for items of interest and a certain uniqueness to offer to you.

From here, you may choose to enter either Items, Topics, or Social as listed below.

Items will take you to the current set of things for sale that Pliny has found.

Topics leads to various points of discussion which Pliny finds interesting or important.

Social brings you to the area where you may find more details about Pliny's topics and add your own comments to the discussion.

  Enjoy your visit to the White Mole Village, and Blessed Be!

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